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The 3 most common mistakes if you want to lose weight with green smoothies (+ 3 green smoothies recipes to lose weight)

You feel like you’re having a hard time losing weight? Maybe you already drink green smoothies regularly. But do you wonder why you don’t lose any kilos? Or do you want to increase the slimming effect so that you lose up to 1.5 kg per week with green smoothies? Then you probably make one of the following 3 mistakes.

Error #1: You are replacing breakfast and have hardly had breakfast so far

Green smoothies are often propagated as a breakfast substitute. Unfortunately this is not always the best recommendation. For example, if you used to have only a small breakfast in the form of a roll and a coffee. This breakfast contains as many calories as a portion of green smoothie of 0.5 litres. Namely, 150 to 300 calories.

The result: there is no natural calorie deficit and you don’t lose weight.

My tip: Replace a larger meal such as lunch or dinner. This will lower your calorie intake more so that your body has to draw the missing energy from the fat deposits.

Error #2: You’re eating extra snacks that you haven’t eaten before

If green smoothies are consumed as a meal replacement, a feeling of hunger can quickly reappear. Either because you haven’t drunk enough, you’ve eaten too little or the smoothie wasn’t satisfying enough.

The result: you eat a piece of cake, a bar of chocolate or some other snack in the afternoon that you haven’t eaten before. This destroys the natural calorie deficit and you lose less weight.

My tip: I don’t want you to go hungry or get a strong stomach rumble. Therefore, you can increase the amount of smoothies in large meals to 0.75 liters and adjust it to your needs. Fatty ingredients such as a piece of avocado, 1 tablespoon chia seed, 1 tablespoon linseed, 1 tablespoon hemp seed or 1 tablespoon coconut slow down the absorption of sugar and increase the satiation effect. However, it is important that you do not include any additional snacks that you have not eaten before.

Intermediate question: “What is the natural calorie deficit?

For you to lose weight with green smoothies, your body needs to consume more calories than it consumes.

Let’s give you an example: Let’s take Gabi. Gabi is 45 years old, 170 years old, weighs 85 kg and has an office job. With this information we can calculate the daily calorie requirement. In her case, it’s 2,200 calories. So the energy she consumes through her food. She is addicted to sweets, cakes, chocolate. She used to have a schnitzel with fries for lunch with 800 calories. That made her belly fat grow. Now she drinks a green smoothie every day, which has only 300 calories.

Simple Green Smoothies Recipes for Losing Weight
To get you started, I have put together 3 simple Green Smoothies recipes for you to slim down. Just use the appropriate recipe from the respective season. If you want more recipes, just sign up for the free 7-day Green Smoothies Challenge.

1) Pineapple Orange Bowl with mint for losing weight in spring
1/3 pineapple without stalk and skin
1 1/2 oranges, peeled
1 head Roman lettuce without stalk
2 tbsp Chia seeds
1 fingernail-sized piece of ginger
2 stalks of mint
1 pinch salt
250 ml water
Results in 1 L of 2 portions each.

2) Banana-Raspberry-Smoothie to lose weight in summer
3 medium sized peeled bananas
125 g raspberries or strawberries (frozen if not available)
150 g fresh baby spinach (frozen, when not available)
1 tbsp chia seeds which have been soaked for at least 20-25 minutes
300 ml water
Results in 1 L of 2 portions each.

3) Apple-Banana-Feldsalad-Smoothie to lose weight in autumn/winter
2 apples or 2 pears
1 banana
125 g lamb’s lettuce / pickled lettuce / lamb’s lettuce or green lettuce of your choice
1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 pinch salt for a fuller taste
250 ml water
Results in 1 L of 2 portions each.

Try them out and let me know how you liked them.

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