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Hi, I’m Markus.

I have a passion for healthy products and nutrition, but I am not a certified nutritionist. I see nutrition and sport as a hobby that I would like to share and motivate. I firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and time straightforward, and hope that my blog will appeal to others with the same goals.

Markus’ Healthy Eating Club

When people ask me what diet I follow (Atkins? Paleo? LowCarb?) I always say “none of the above”, and declare that I basically eat unprocessed food (Healthy Eating). Healthy Eating is in some way a concept, but the idea behind it is very simple. When you eat clean, you’re just trying to avoid eating processed foods, additives, and preserves or flavor enhancers.

There is no precise definition of clean eating. And above all, clean eating is NOT a diet – it is a way of life. Healthy Eating is not a newly invented concept, on the contrary: it has been on the market for a long time.

Results by this kind of the nutrition, which also I can determine:

  • Fat loss
  • weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Better skin
  • Shiny hair
  • sleep improvement
  • Increase in general well-being

While Healthy Eating takes a part of my life, it is certainly not my whole life. It is flexible and allows me to eat unhealthy food from time to time. In short, clean eating is a lifestyle for me, not a short-term thing or a seasonal trend. My food choices change at times, but the scope of clean eating always remains the same.

So, what secret can I share with you?

That weight loss and getting healthy will definitely change your previous lifestyle. Focusing only on a diet or just on fitness to lose weight is not effective, rather the combination of both allows you to get the best possible results.

If you’ve never eaten like this before, you may need some exercise to get 100% clean. Unprocessed, natural foods taste different than frozen and processed foods. Your taste buds will first go through a habituation phase. Although it may be cheaper to eat clean, you will still spend more time in the kitchen and planning meals.

Healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight is really not difficult. Almost everyone knows, for example, that fried food should be avoided and vegetables are at the top of the list!

I firmly believe that it takes a maximum of two weeks to clean up your body and prepare for changes.

Many give up on a diet after a week of healthy eating and exercise because you give so much and expect too much of it. Yes, the waiting is annoying and frustrating, but the results are worth it! After only two weeks with a balanced diet, your cravings will be minimized, you will have more energy and the kilos on the scales will drop. Give yourself and your body time – I promise you, he will love you and you will love the long-term results!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you – ask gladly or tell me about your personal experiences around nutrition.

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