Healthy Eating For Losing The Extra Weight

The change in diet towards a healthy and correct plan is usually the first and most important pillar when it comes to losing weight. Although it is not always wrong, eating habits that are to blame for being overweight. A healthy diet creates the basis for losing weight. But what exactly does “healthy eating” mean in this context?

The definition of “healthy nutrition”

Over time, there have been different definitions of healthy eating, and even today, opinions vary widely about which diet is right. Depending on which nutrition concept or which diet you ask for, you will get different answers about what is the right diet to lose weight. Only in two points everyone seems to agree: Healthy nutrition should be balanced and based on lots of vegetables. German English

The right diet: a mixed salad helps you lose weight through a healthy diet.

The term “healthy nutrition” does not say anything about whether fish, meat, eggs or dairy products are to be eaten. Vegans and vegetarians, for example, do not eat these products in whole or in part. People who live according to the Paleo principle, on the other hand, almost completely reject cereals.

A look at nutrition concepts such as low-carb, veganism, vegetarianism and paleo quickly shows that they are the right choice: The view, how a healthy nutrition has to look like, could not be more different.

What does a healthy diet look like to lose weight?

For a long time, the nutrition pyramid was regarded as the guideline for a good and healthy diet. However, even this pyramid differs greatly in its presentation. In some models, vegetables are the first and most important source of nutrition, while in others, cereals are the most important. In addition, the nutrition pyramid generalizes: In the field of fats, no distinction is made between good and bad fats. Whether the fats are saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated, they have a direct influence on the nutrient balance, on health and overweight and thus also on the designation as a healthy diet. Nutrient requirements are also generalised in nutrition pyramids. Yet it is precisely this that is very individual, which is why it must be taken into account as part of a proper diet.

Anyone who is concerned with healthy nutrition and weight loss should follow the recommendation our recommendations. According to those, a healthy nutrition for removing is characterised by the following ten points:

Balance: The diet should include variations, but vegetable foods are the most important.

Cereals and potatoes: A healthy diet to lose weight should not be based on too few carbohydrates. The HEC recommends at least 30 grams of fibre, for example from whole grain products. In addition to fibre, a proper diet also includes plenty of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances – these are found above all in bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

Vegetables and fruit: Five portions of fruit and vegetables daily, best freshly or only briefly cooked, so that still all Vitamine, mineral and ballast materials as well as secondary plant materials are contained.

Animal products: Calcium, iodine, selenium and n-3 fatty acids are among the valuable nutrients. The HEC therefore recommends milk and dairy products every day, fish and meat once or twice a week, sausages and eggs only in moderation.

Low-fat and high-fat foods: No fat is good, but too many saturated fatty acids are not. Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil are preferable. When losing weight through a healthy diet, look for hidden fats in pastries and sweets, but also in dairy products.

Sugar and salt only in moderation: Instead of using sugar and salt, season your dishes with fresh herbs. If you want to eat properly, you should also look out for hidden sugar in food and drinks.

Drink enough: You should drink at least 1.5 litres of liquids daily, preferably water or other sugar-free drinks.

Gentle preparation: Prepare the food at low temperatures to preserve the taste and not destroy the nutrients through the heat.

Enjoy: As part of a healthy and correct diet, food should not be eaten in parallel. Instead, take your time for your meals.

Exercise and sport: Not only a healthy diet, but also sufficient exercise and sport helps to lose weight and maintain that weight. Exercise in the fresh air is particularly recommended.
If you want to lose weight correctly and in the long term, you should not go on a diet, but make a general change with lots of exercise and a healthy diet.

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